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  • Due to their extreme poverty and low social standing many Dalits struggle with poor health. By providing community-based healthcare education, we can ensure that Dalit families get access to high-quality, dignified medical services. Clinics are often the first point of contact for many people who will go on to attend our Good Shepherd schools and vocational training. 

    In 2014, you helped provide healthcare to the Dalits in a variety of ways:

    -12,400 meals were provided to children through the school feeding program in the most needy areas. 

    -One National Heathcare Co-ordinator was funded to give oversight to the health program and 2 School Healthcare workers were funded for a full year at two Good Shepherd Schools.

    -26,000 patient visits were provided for a clinic in Andhra Pradesh through our Hope for Dalit Women dinner event in Surrey, BC.

    For more information about our Healthcare Projects, click here.

  • This month we are sharing some of the amazing things we were able to do in 2014 because of you. We are so grateful for your generous gifts towards quality education and a comfortable and safe study environment.

    As school attendance continues to rise each year, we need more classrooms in order to allow for more students and higher grade levels. 

    In 2014 you funded:

          -6 classrooms and a boundary wall at FRD school

          -4 classrooms at NWD School

          -6 classrooms and a boundary wall at KTB school

    -Inauguration ceremonies took place for the new school buildings at BND, BTU, and GYA Schools.

    -342 desks, 2 school wells, computers, and library units were provided, as well as a paint refresh for one of our schools.

    -200 teachers received training in English phonics conferences in 5 locations across India. A new training program began for local trainers to assist teachers

  • Together with the global Dalit Freedom Network, you are bringing freedom through education to 26,000 Dalit children who are enrolled in 107 schools throughout India. Each child attending our schools receives a quality English education in an environment free from discrimination- giving them dignity and hope. Thank you!

    In 2014:

    -2,540 new children were sponsored, bringing our total to 6,362 children receiving monthly education through Canadian sponsors

    -1,424 children were sponsored through the FREEDOM 13 campaign and 529 children received education through one time gifts to the “Education Fund” and “What Would You Do For Freedom 2014 Campaign”. These one time gifts helped provide one year of education for children who are not yet sponsored. A special thank you to the businessmen who provided the matching funds to double your impact.

  • This Sunday, January 11, is Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  Every year, thousands of men, women and children around the world are abducted or sold, forced into a life of bondage. In India, the majority of victims are Dalits, who struggle with poverty and discrimination, making them especially vulnerable.

    Roshini* is a young women who has gone through the rehabilitation and restoration program at one of our anti-human trafficking rehabilitation centres. As a young child, she was forced to work in the city as a rag picker.

    “My day started at four in the morning and I picked rubbish for 10 to 12 hours," Roshini said.

    When she failed to bring in enough money doing this, her parents forced her into prostitution.

    Almost two years ago, Roshini came to Tarika Centre looking for help. Here she received counselling, learned how to speak English, took sewing and computer classes, and gradually her dignity was restored. Now Roshini works as a confident sales assistant in a large department store located on the most famous shopping street in the city - the same street where she once picked trash. She hopes to one day help other women who have been abused.

    "There are many people who took care of me and showed love to me," she said. "I want to do the same for others."

    To learn more about Tarika Centre and our anti-trafficking work, click here.

    *Name and photo changed to protect the individual.

  • Every day there are stories in the news about the plight of the Dalits. These articles keep us aware of the struggles that Dalits face on a daily basis. Please click on the links below to read recent articles.

    India, Enforce Protection For "Untouchables"- This World Policy Blog post highlights the problem of modern-day slavery in India today. According to the Global Slavery Index 2014, India has the largest number of people affected by modern slavery. This number is mostly made up of Dalits.

    How can India end this tide of violence against women? - Violence against women in India continues to be a problem, and it isn’t always physical violence. Dalit women are often denied land rights and young girls are denied proper schooling and health facilities.

    Giving Visibility to Forgotten Children - This article draws attention to the plight of child labour in India. Kailash Satyarthi, co-winner of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize expresses his desire to raise awareness and bring freedom to many children trapped in exploitation. Dalit children are especially vulnerable to becoming child labourers.

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