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  • As we prepare to give gifts to our loved ones this Christmas, we wanted to share the story of a gift you have given to the children studying at NHT Good Shepherd School.

    Playgrounds - like this recently inaugerated one- give the gift of fun to children in our schools. School is often so much more than just an education for Dalit children. Because of the economic status of their families, many children may have had to work to help support the family if a school was not available. Schools and their playgrounds provide the opportunity for kids to just be kids.

  • 1. Partner with Dalit Freedom Network as a family by sponsoring a Dalit child this year. Your sponsorship will not only provide education for your child, it will also bring hope to his/her entire family. 


    2. Give up your Christmas coffee for a week and donate the money saved towards an ongoing project. We are raising money to build new classrooms and playgrounds, provide desks and benches for the students, and equip teachers with the additional skills to enrich the education they provide to the children.


    3. Host a meal at your home instead of going out and provide lunch for one student, for one year.  Instead of going out for a dinner with friends or family this holiday season, invite them over for an economical soup night at your house and donate $35 to feed a Dalit student this year. Encourage your friends to do the same.


    4. Give the Gift of Freedom this Christmas. By donating to Dalit Freedom Network on behalf of someone else, you are essentially giving two gifts. Your friend or family member gets a great Christmas present and a Dalit child and their family gets the Gift of Freedom.


    5. Follow Dalit Freedom Network on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or our blog to learn more about the Dalits and how you can help. Share posts with your friends to raise awareness.

  • Across India Good Shepherd Schools are holding special programs in honour of World AIDS Day. These events usually take place in the local community and give our community health workers the opportunity to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. Recently Salja, one of our community health workers, shared what motivated her to begin HIV/AIDS education in her village:

    During a community visit Salja met Sarada, a 26 year old woman whose husband had recently died of AIDS. Salja noticed that Sarada was very weak and thin and encouraged her to get a HIV screening test. 

    The results came back positive and despite receiving treatment and counselling - it was too late for Sarada who passed away a short time later. Sadly, she left behind a daughter who is now being cared for by Sarada's elderly parents. 

    This tragic experience motivated Salja to prioritize training and education in HIV/AIDS awareness. Salja hopes that as the community grows in their awareness about the disease more deaths will be prevented.

  • It's the most wonderful time of the year! A time of celebration, hope, and gift giving. For the Dalits of India the greatest gift they can experience is freedom - freedom from the chains of oppression and poverty that they have known for so long. This Christmas season we invite you to give a gift of freedom to a Dalit child and their family. Here are a few ways you can: 

    Free a Dalit Child - Sponsor a child this Christmas season for $25 a month and help them begin a free life.

    Build a Classroom - Help give Dalit children a safe and welcoming environment to learn in. $1 will provide 2 bricks towards the construction of new classrooms.

    Feed the Hungry - You can help fight hunger and malnutrition by giving
    towards the supplementary meal program at our most needy schools.

    Equip a Teacher - Help our Good Shepherd School teachers receive further training so that they can continue to build into the lives of their students for years to come. $100 for a teacher to attend our teachers training conference

    Desks for Dalit Children - It costs $30 to provide a desk and bench for a Dalit child.

    Playground Equipment - Help our Dalit students have the time to just be kids. $800 for a full playground set

    Where Most Needed - Give a gift towards our most needed projects and priorities.


  • Jayan loves going attending the local Good Shepherd School - he enjoys all his classes, but looks forward to lunchtime the most. Jayan parents are unskilled labourers who are currently unemployed. It is a tremendous struggle for them to feed Jayan and his six siblings. There are many days where Jayan comes to school hungry and without an adequate lunch.

    Students like Jayan benefit the most from our feeding program. Through the program he receives a healthy lunch that includes egg, milk and fruit – luxury items for a child from such a poor background. When asked his opinion on the meal program, Jayan responded:  “I like the food provided here because I don’t get to eat these things at home. I especially look forward to the eggs that are provided since I never get to eat eggs at home.”

    It is overwhelming to think that something as simple as an egg can have such a huge impact on a child. We are so thankful to those of you who help make the meal program possible. Your generosity is helping children like Jayan to stay healthy and have energy for their classes.

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