India's Untouchable Dalits

Dalit Freedom Network Canada is committed to freeing the Dalits from a life of poverty, exploitation, and slavery through education, healthcare, and economic development.

  • What an incredible evening we had on October 26th in the Greater Toronto Area.  We want to especially thank the 250 men and women who joined us and allowed their hearts to be touched by the plight of Dalit women and children.

    Dr. Joseph D'Souza, International President of the Dalit Freedom Network, was the keynote speaker. He shared of how the common goal of justice for India's Dalits is drawing people to stand together for freedom, both in India and around the globe. 

    Your generosity helped us reach our fundraising goal! Over $24,000 was raised for Women’s Tailoring Centres in three of our schools. At these centers, Dalit women can attend a six month tailoring program. The marketable skills participants gain through the program will help them break free from the chains of poverty and create a better future for their families.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

  • A big thank you to all the women who joined us for our fifth annual Hope for Dalit Women Dinner!

    It was a special evening with 350 Canadian women coming together to stand in solidarity with the Dalit women of India.

    Dr. Beryl shared stories of the harsh realities that Dalit women face in modern day India, but also the hope that Dalit Freedom Network is bringing through our community projects and healthcare initiative. 

    Your generosity helped raise over $31,000 - exceeding our goal for the evening! Because of you, thousands of vulnerable and impoverished women and children will receive medical care through our health clinic. We cannot thank you enough for your generosity that will literally save lives.

    Watch your inbox as a link to photos from the event will be coming soon!

  • We are only a few weeks into our Freedom 13 Campaign and are overwhelmed by how many of you have already responded to the great challenge of bringing education to 13,000 Dalit children.

    Your partnership and generosity is making a difference in lives of students attending our Good Shepherd Schools - students like Jatin:

    Jatin is a grade three student whose illiterate parents never had the opportunity to attend school. Although his parents never received an education, they made it a priority for Jatin. Today, Jatin's parents are so proud of their son for working hard and being top of his class. As a family they look to the future with hope - confident that education will give Jatin greater opportunities than they could ever imagine.

    Thank you for helping children like Jatin receive a quality education!

  • As Canadian Thanksgiving is only a few days away, the Dalit Freedom Network staff are taking the time to reflect on what we are thankful for.  Here is just a small glimpse into what we are grateful for this Thanksgiving: 

    • "Thankful for all our donors who are contributing to freedom for the Dalits" -  Financial Administrator 
    • "Thankful for the incredible volunteers who give of their time to help us in the office" - Donor Relations Coordinator  
    • "Thankful for the hard working sponsorship team in India who help connect sponsors with their sponsored children" - Sponsorship Coordinator 
    • "Thankful for the gracious and warm community of Dalit Freedom Network Canada" - Data Entry Assistant
    • "Thankful for the growing number of Canadians who truly care for the poor and oppressed Dalits of India - Executive Director

    All of us at Dalit Freedom Network Canada wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!


  • Education for 13,000 children. This is the goal of our Freedom 13 campaign. 

    Every year we open our school doors to thousands of Dalit children who are not yet sponsored. Of the 26,000 children attending our schools there are 13,000 students in our schools who are without sponsorship. 

    Our hope is that together we can respond to this great need and help give freedom - one child at at time. Learn more about the campaign and how you can make a difference in the life of a Dalit child. 

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