Favorite Things: Hope Skirts

Favorite Things will give $2.00 from the sale of the Hope Skirts pattern to purchase sewing machines for Dalit Women in India. (Total cost for a treadle sewing machine and tailoring training is $200.)

Dalit women face innumerable obstacles. They are oppressed and exploited both for their status as part of India’s 250 million Untouchables and for their gender.
As sons are given preferential treatment, many village women never attend school; illiterate, their employment prospects are limited to manual labour or agricultural work, in addition to their unpaid domestic duties. Dalit women have been stripped of their dignity. Extreme poverty is a precursor to human trafficking, and the need for food or accommodation sometimes forces women to sell their bodies or their children.

This project will serve to empower these women. By teaching them marketable skills, we are providing them with a respectable, stable alternative to their current exploitation. Tailoring offers these women not only vocational skills,
but also hope and freedom.

Thank you for joining us in supporting Dalit Women. Each month Favorite Things will post the donations so we see how many sewing machines we have purchased together!

Who are the Dalit People?

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$3,836 raised

Where does the money go?

Hope for Dalit Women

Giving Hope to Dalit Women
$110 will put a women through our six month tailoring training program $10,000 provides the equipment, sewing machines, materials and staff needed to start a tailoring centre and run it for two years. Our Good Shepherd Tailoring Training Centers are an... Read more >