Completed: Education is Power

We are four mothers who believe in the power of education to change and save lives. With education, we believe strongly that Dalit children can leave lives of exploitation and servitude and seize opportunities that will provide a much more hopeful, meaningful future.

Fundraiser Updates

  • Parent teacher interview night can be a rewarding evening for everyone, or a very long night for both teachers and parents.

    What better way to prepare for the afternoon interview session than with a pre-interview Indian lunch for staff! Twenty five adventurous educators gathered in Room 301 last Thursday for a homemade buffet at a budget friendly $10 a plate.

    Over butter chicken, saag paneer, chana masala, chicken tikka, and rotis, we had a chance to talk about the Dalit cause and the Canucks, our unfinished pile of marking and Apple's new technology. It was a rewarding 45 minutes to sit with colleagues, share some stories, talk about the work of the DFN, and still complain about the play of the home team.

    World's apart, a little bit of India came to Deep Cove last week, and we were all the better for it. 

  • On the picture perfect evening of Saturday Oct. 16th, one hundred and twenty five great friends gathered for a memorable dance in Deep Cove with the aim of lending their generous support to our cause -- the education of Dalit children.

    The hyper talented Keith Bennett Band rocked the joint, and it was a night of remarkable music, smiles and laughter, raffle draws, night shopping at 'the market', and samosa eating. It was also a chance to listen to Suzi Livingston, from the Dalit Freedom Network Canada, deliver a compelling argument for the need for our immediate help in getting Dalit children into school.

    No one left the building that night in any doubt that, for Dalit parents and their children, education is power. Education is the power to grasp opportunities otherwise routinely denied them, the power to leave exploitation and servitude, the power to improve their lives in a permanent and measurable way.

    The room was full of parents and educators all thinking of their own children and students. We left very aware that we are part of a larger world family, and others need our help.

    What a worthwhile few hours we had. Many, many thanks to all of you who gave so generously of your time and money. You are wonderful! 

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Education for Dalit Children

Education for Dalit Children
Help a Dalit child by giving them the gift of education. For $25 a month you can send a Dalit child to school and help them break the chains of discrimination and oppression. Education is the key to freeing Dalit children from a life of poverty and... Read more >