chauhan kanubhai n.

sir  i lieve in village name is kashipura  po.vishnupura  ta.kapadvanj di. kheda  gujarat  india

i am social woker.i work against  aitatrocity on dalit .and i fight for freedom from discrimination of any type on dalit student and women and  child education .i work since 10 year as social worker.i pass master degree in gujarati literature from gujarat university.


  • Pauline Turner
  • Brittany Anderson
  • Dalit Freedom Network Canada


  • from dalit there is 37 subcaste in dalit .in gujarat vankar behave like savarn with valmiki.that is main problem .dalit cant  organise. so first ofoll .if we should meet eachother  and dimolish our old thinking culture  and man.

  • in gujarat 80% dalit are below pouverty line .all most male  and femaleis literate .but there is no job .or scope to uarn money. mian reason of  poor people there no economical most of dalit student is suffer from frastation,oll of them posion of compress people is socialy ;economical and educationand polittycal discrimination with us from 3000 thouhand year,

    today dalit can not enter in hindu temple.can not sing in garba in most of village in gujarat all gujarat in primary school dailit student  can not eat with nondalit student.goverment  also beleve in discrimination .in primary school no one single cook  from dalit  comunity.

    after death of dalit there no entry in kabarstan for us.we are fight again this system.but we are not orgnise. most of dalit can not see this problm.

    in  india million of dalit work as manual scavenger.we cant enter in nondalit hosuse kichen

    there is no way to fight with social hindu somthing for child youth and womer to improve economical states.

                                                                                     jay bhim from  k.n.chauhan

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