The Story of Prabhavathi



Prabhavathi's family lives in a rural village in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Until recently, Prabhavathi, his siblings, and his mother were subjected to routine beatings by his father. The family lives in a small hut that gets flooded everytime it rains. Both Prabhavathi's parents and his two elder sisters do labour jobs, struggling daily to find enough work to earn a few dollars. This is the future for which Prabhavathi was destined. His parents never imagined that their children could have a life different from their own. Now, however, Prabhavathi is studying in grade 2 at the local Good Shepherd School, along with his younger brother Yesuraju. The boys’ parents are overjoyed that their sons are learning, speaking English, and on the path to good jobs. Education is freeing Prabhavathi from the cycle of poverty in which his family has been trapped, and allowing the entire family to dream of a new future.

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