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Khap ostracizes 40 dalit families in Udaipur village
In Cheepala village, 40 families of dalit community were ostracized by the Khap Panchayat for constructing their house despite the residence of the members of Rajput Community.


Women commissions join hands to tackle trafficking
According to data collected by Women’s commission in Assam, with the counterparts in Meghalay State Commission of Women will reform in order to curb injustices towards the incidents of trafficking and rape.


States instructed to speed up elimination of manual scavenging
States were assured of funding under the existing Scheme of Self Employment Scheme for Rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers but neglecting to act soon.


Dalits attend temple ceremony at Uthapuram
It is a Historic even for the helpless dalits people who were welcomed by the Superintendent of Police to attend the temple ceremony to bring fundamental change in their mind-set.


Dalit families threaten to leave Jind village
A Dalit man was killed by a group of Upper caste people and the families are under insecure and threatened to leave from the village.


Dalit teenager attacked in Rajasthan
A dalit girl was allegedly vilently attacked and raped by four youths on the pretext of finishing some work in Bharatpur town.


'Thrashed' dalit girl taken to Ahmedabad
Brutally a Six years old dalit girl was thrashed by police while she was cooking at the kitchen room.

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