Help Build a School - Brick by Brick

Classroom Construction

Our schools are built brick by brick - for $1 you can provide two bricks.
Each classroom costs between $25,000 to $30,000. Contact us for more information on our current classroom project. 

The Good Shepherd Schools are becoming so well-known in their communities that they are continually receiving enrolment applications. Several schools are at full capacity in their existing school building; without immediate funding for additional classrooms, they will have to turn these prospective students away. With more classroom space however, they will be able to continue to grow, adding full new kindergarten classes every year. As more and more Dalit children are educated and empowered, Dalit communities will encounter true freedom. 

Without these facilities a Dalit child will never receive an education or an opportunity to advance in life. Each classroom changes countless lives every year. The bricks that go into making the school are made by the Dalits themselves, and then the Dalits and Sudras construct the school. The Good Shepherd Schools are a lighthouse for the entire community.

Project Updates

  • Sitting outside reading under a tree may sound idyllic to you, but for many children at our Good Shepherd Schools, it is a different reality....

    The demand for quality education is exceeding the capacity of some of our schools. As the reputation of our Good Shepherd Schools grows in the local Dalit communities, so has the number of families wishing to enroll their children. Today, the need for additional classrooms is so great that
    some grades have no choice but to learn outside.

    Shivam is in grade three and is one of the students affected by the lack of classroom space. Shivam and his classmates learn their lessons in the school courtyard. Every day he walks several kilometers to attend the local Good Shepherd School as it is the only school in the area that provides English medium education. Although Shivam is a diligent student, at this time of year he finds it challenging as the cold, damp winter weather makes it difficult to concentrate in the open air classroom.

    Students like Shivam are the reason why classroom construction is one of our most urgent priorities. Would you help us meet this great need for more classrooms? Together we can provide spacious, well-lit classrooms to help Dalit children thrive.

  • We are thrilled that the construction of the BTU Good Shepherd School building is   complete! 

    The school had its official inauguration at the end of February. It was a time of great celebration as families, students and the wider community gathered together on the school grounds. Our students prepared special songs, dances, and speeches to perform. The community was so proud to see their sons and daughters dressed up in traditional costumes and confidently demonstrating their skills on stage.

     This wonderful new facility will provide spacious, well-lit classrooms for our students. It will also allow us to open our doors for more Dalit children to receive an education. Our hope is that this building will be a place of true freedom where Dalit children learn that they have a purpose and a future. 

    Thank you to all the generous Canadians who made this possible! 


  • Driving down the dusty village road, I look towards the once-empty field and smile to myself as I see a  beautiful, new,  pink school. A Good Shepherd School for Dalit children. For several years the children have been meeting in a cramped rented house. Today, 144 children are marching to their new school! The teachers are busy making final preparations for the students. There are dances, costumes, and speeches. Two hundred villagers watch their children perform at this special inauguration ceremony of the new school. They have never seen their children look so wonderful. Local government representatives and our Canada team are greeted with flowers. What a wonderful new school, where Dalit children are being educated and loved. I am so thankful to the generous Canadians who helped make this possible. 

                                               - Sherry, Dalit Freedom Network's Executive Director 


  • Because of generous Canadian donors we can now add eight new classrooms and a boundary wall to MDB Good Shepherd School. The addition of these classrooms will allow more children from the local community to attend school and experience freedom through education. Construction is set to begin in the next couple of months.

    The teachers, students, and local community are very excited for the new classrooms as the additional space will help meet the needs of this fast growing school.

    Thank you for making this possible!  

  • Brick by brick we are building Good Shepherd Schools across India. With every brick  a brighter future is built for Dalit children. Attending a Good Shepherd School gives these kids the opportunity to dream of a better life and more importantly, it gives them the tools to make those dreams a reality.   

  • Recently we celebrated the inauguration of a Good Shepherd School in Bihar. Before this building was completed, all 250 students had been cramped in a small dark hut. Now in the new school building they can learn in spacious, well-lit classrooms. The new building is equipped with proper toilet facilities and a water well to provide students with clean drinking water. The Dalits in this community are thrilled that their village now has a permanent school building that will offer their children quality education for generations to come. 

  • The construction of our NHT Good Shepherd School building is complete and it's ready to be used! The students are so excited to move out of the temporary rental facility and into a real school building. The building has spacious well-lit classrooms, proper toilet facilities and a water well to provide clean drinking water to all our students.

    We are thankful for the Canadian donors who made this new school building possible. It will give hundreds of Dalit children the gift of quality education and the opportunity to realize their full potential. This building is more than just a school - it is a permanent symbol of hope and freedom for the Dalits in this community. 

  • MDB Good Shepherd School is located in Bihar, the poorest state in India. In this area, Dalits live in a low, poverty-stricken condition. Most adults in the Dalit community are uneducated and unemployed. For many years, it seemed there would be no alternative for their children, as there was no good school in the area that would permit Dalit students to enroll. In 2004, however, Dalit Freedom Network began a Good Shepherd School in this community, specifically to educate Dalit children. The school now has 457 students and an excellent reputation.

    Members of the community view the school as site of development for their society and community. They see how much their children are learning, both about academics and life. They also see how the teachers love their children and treat them with equality and dignity. As a result, the school’s reputation has grown. However, as the school has achieved capacity in its current 12 classrooms, the building now requires additional classrooms. These classrooms will allow for more students, but also for a lab and offices. 

    The new classrooms will allow the school to have a greater impact on the community, as they provide freedom through education to an increasing number of Dalit children. MDB needs a total of 8 new classrooms. At $20,000 per classroom, this represents a total of $160,000 needed for this project. Please consider contributing today.

  • The construction of the KTB Good Shepherd School has been completed and the students are ready to be moved in from the rented facility they have temporarily been using. This is a very exciting time for the teachers and students. There are 150 students in total that will be moving to the new building. With a school like KTB being planted in the middle of poor and low-caste communities, we are able to reach those who are in greatest need for quality education. The locals are mainly farmers and make their livelihood from the agriculture. The new building brings confidence to the parents of the students and gives them hope in their children’s future.

  • Construction of 5 new classrooms has recently begun at NDG school. These new classrooms will be able to accomodate more students from the community.

    Freedom is truly coming to the NDG area - one child at a time.

    Please see below for a couple photos of the construction.

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